Book Formatting

You’ve spent enough time drafting your novel, poetry collection, or non-fiction manuscript. Let me take care of getting it legible for print.

Formatting a book for print is one of my favourite roles as a designer. 
Using Adobe InDesign, I take your already beautiful words and make sure they look just as good on the page as they are to read. Remember that your creative vision takes priority. You want a certain font? Alternating running heads for odd and even pages? Chapters starting only on right-facing pages? Can do! Let’s work together and make this the book you want to open and admire.

  • Lays out text for print publication
  • Designs or implements illustrations, artwork, etc.
    • additional charge may apply
  • Styles text for readability and optimal print experience
  • Bespoke treatment, line-by-line review

1.00 per page

approximately 0.0025 per word; no minimum word count required

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Don’t forget: you can request a free sample edit (up to 5 pages)!

A close-up of an open book in front of a warm light
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