Copy & Stylistic Editing

This service is also known as “line editing.” Your writing goes through a polishing process with feedback on ways you can improve a sentence, as well as corrections to spelling and punctuation.

Your attention is also brought to minor (super teeny-tiny) inconsistencies, like a character saying they hate spaghetti on page 56 and pointing out they eat it on page 209. Or maybe I’ll point out something larger, like the spelling of one of your settings.

  • Ensures consistency in grammar, spelling, and punctuation via a style sheet
  • Checks factual consistency (real-world and fictional world facts)
  • Reviews sentences for stylistic improvements

0.006 per word

no minimum word count required

This service is available for full or partial manuscripts. Have a full novel you want some feedback on? Or just a few chapters? I’m ready to work! Shorter projects (novellas, short stories, web content) also accepted.

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Don’t forget: you can request a free sample edit (up to 5 pages)!

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