Substantive Editing

If you have a mess of a draft in front of you, feel lost heading into revisions, or want a skilled plotter’s help getting your story organised, you need substantive edits.

As your editor, I will help you through the revision process to bring you to a stronger draft. I am committed to bringing out the best story possible by examining structure and characterisation. My honest feedback and suggested course of action will give you direction, rather than leave you in the dark after tearing through your manuscript. I am also committed to your artistic vision—you, the author, have final say on any and all suggestions.

You can count on me to stick with you until you’re satisfied with your writing.

  • Includes editorial letter(s) to summarise suggested changes, and story strengths and weaknesses
  • Provides feedback on plot, character, theme, structure, worldbuilding, pacing, dialogue, and more
  • “Cheerleading” as you work through revisions, to encourage your writing process

0.008 per word

no minimum word count required

This service is available for full or partial manuscripts. Have a full novel you want some feedback on? Or just a few chapters? I’m ready to work! Shorter projects (novellas, short stories, web content) also accepted.

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Don’t forget: you can request a free sample edit (up to 5 pages)!

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