I’ll let the words of others speak for themselves. I’ve worked with some phenomenal creators, and I’m honored by their trust in me.

Coryl provides excellent feedback on my writing, while understanding and listening to what I’m trying to accomplish. She listens to me, makes me feel heard, and always provides solutions to my concerns. While working on my novel REFLECTIONS, I felt stuck and disorganized. Coryl helped me get my plot and characters under control. I love working with her and recommend her services to anyone who needs an editor.

Briana Morgan, YA author

Coryl was great to work with, I really feel like they shaped up my manuscript and made it a lot tighter. Coryl was never mean or condescending,  just super helpful.

Lizzie Colt, YA writer

Coryl was an amazing person to work with! She helped me convert the files for a piece I was working on in no time at all, making each the work look awesome in both EPUB and MOBI formats! She’s also super responsive, and I was able to communicate any issues or weird glitches with her, as well as ask her in-depth questions about how to make the conversions go as smoothly as possible! I was able to sell my work on Gumroad only a day or so later. 100/10, would recommend! Keep Coryl on your freelance Rolodex, she’s a keeper.

Jean M. Hodges, writer, poet, artist, storyteller
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