Coryl, like “coral reef,” is a writer and artist living in Canada. She graduated from the University of Windsor in 2017 with a BA in Spanish Language, English Literature, and Creative Writing. By May 2019, she should earn an Ontario College Certificate in the foundations of art and design! She loves puzzling through language, eating lemon pastries (on occasion), and watching any and all media from Studio Ghibli.

I’ve enjoyed books for as long as I can remember. Art, design, and language all worked their way into my heart shortly after. Growing up, I learned French and Spanish—the grammar in my classes was the best part for me! I’ve since studied language, from linguistics to literature to second language learning, and want to help impart my knowledge on my fellow writers.

I write, too! Since I was a teen, I’ve written short stories, poetry, and long-form fiction. Fantasy is my first love, but I’m partial to contemporary fiction, mysteries, paranormal, sci-fi, and historical fiction, dabbling in those genres and cross-genre work.

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