Coryl, like “coral reef,” is a writer and artist living in Canada. She graduated from the University of Windsor with a BA in Spanish Language, English Literature, and Creative Writing. She then earned a certificate (with honours, fuck yeah) in the Foundations of Art and Design from Durham College. She loves puzzling through language, eating lemon pastries (on occasion), and watching any and all media from Studio Ghibli. She worked as a freelance editor and designer from 2017 to 2021 and currently works for an awesome tutoring company. She also has a cat; he’s orange and sometimes really annoying but mostly really sweet.

Since I’m in an awkward transition phase of my life, here’s a nostalgic little “get to know me”:

Name: Coryl.
Age: 29, 30 in October 2024.
City you live in: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
What do most people not know about you? I like to sing and make music, but I haven’t pursued either of them, as a hobby, with the gusto I truly want.
What are your passions? Reading, writing, making art, looking at art, playing video games, pagan/nature shit, and (recently) gardening to make my home a good place for small wildlife.
Favourite food: Sushi or pizza. I go feral for takoyaki, mackerel sashimi, Hawaiian pizza, and pizza pockets.
Text or call? Text. I remember things more easily in writing.
Favourite books or series: Pass, too many to recall. Latest enjoyments are the Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells, Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson, and the Guildhunters series by Nalini Singh.
Favourite song: Any song by The Killers or The Used or Sonata Arctica.
How many countries have you visited? 2: Canada and the USA.
Would you rather have wings or a fish tail? WINGS. Easy.
Describe yourself in one word: Phoenix.
Describe your last victory: I completed all the things I wrote down for my to-do list for the day.

Coryl Creates

So what’s this website?

Do you remember Piczo? I started making websites and blogging on it around 2007 when broadband Internet started becoming the norm in my life. Ever since then, I can’t really shake the habit (or hobby) of having an online space that’s all my own. Social media exploded in 2010, and while I enjoyed some of my time on those platforms, there’s something comfortable about coming back to a place I control. A place where my voice is the heart. A place for self-expression.

This was also a professional portfolio at one point, where I showcased some artwork and posted information about freelance services, but I’ve switched my focus (yet again) back to my writing and goals to be a creative writer. Novels. Poems. Short stories. Insightful blog posts. Creative non-fiction about my life. Anything goes, I suppose.

Welcome. Be thoughtful and kind.