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Coryl Addy is a writer, freelance editor and designer, and multidisciplinary artist based in the National Capital Region of Ottawa, Ontario. She loves languages and conceptual themes. She can be found in the wild listening to music or nearly missing the bus because she’s reading a book. Her idea of “online presence” is one of constant rebirth and reincarnation like a phoenix. Her website has belonged to a blogger, a graphic designer, and a self-publishing writer. She wears many hats, but often switches them out. (They’d be gross and smelly otherwise.)

As a freelance editor, Coryl currently provides a range of editorial services, including editing, transcription, desktop publishing, and book design. She also dabbles in front-end website design and content management system assistance. She is always interested in making new connections and working on new projects.

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Freelance Editor & Designer Availability

Editing — Unavailable until further notice.
Designing — Unavailable until further notice.
Transcribing — Unavailable until further notice.
updated 19 January 2021

Stay safe during the pandemic. I am prioritizing my mental health and will not be available for new projects.

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After overworking myself in 2020, feeling like a failure when I crashed from my burnout at the end of the year, I earned a promotion and have found a renewed sense of hesitant motivation, despite still feeling like a failure.

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How to Do Anything When You Don’t Feel Like It

Everyone has been in that place where something needs to be done, but they just don’t want to do it. We come up with excuses, we whine to our peers, we say, “I need to do it, but I don’t wanna.” It’s taken me almost 5 years to master how to do anything without feeling […]