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Coryl Addy is a writer, freelance editor and designer, and multidisciplinary artist based in the National Capital Region of Ottawa, Ontario. She loves languages and conceptual themes. She can be found in the wild listening to music or nearly missing the bus because she’s reading a book. Her priority as a freelance editor is highlighting the writer’s voice while providing tips and education on technical craft. With a Bachelor of Arts in deep breath English Literature, Spanish Language, and Creative Writing, she has ample experience with critically evaluating literature, respecting non-English language, and workshopping creative works. She has been a member of Editors Canada since 2017 and seeks to improve her skills as a freelance editor through professional training and standards.

As a freelance editor, Coryl currently provides a range of editorial services, including book editing, audio transcription, desktop publishing, and book design. She also dabbles in front-end website design and content management system assistance. She is always interested in making new connections, but please see the posted availability for new projects. Her favourite clients to work with are self-publishing writers who need a final pass on their text, new writers looking for guidance on narrative craft, and other writers who would like to gain clear and encouraging feedback on their text. By far, her most popular service is line editing (copy & stylistic editing), where she focuses on the writer’s voice through sentence structure while proofreading for accurate grammar.

Freelance Editor & Designer Availability

Editing — Unavailable until further notice.
Designing — Unavailable until further notice.
Transcribing — Unavailable until further notice.
updated 27 April 2021

Stay safe during the pandemic. I am prioritizing my mental health and will not be available for projects with new clients.

Recent Posts

Coryl also enjoys writing for herself! While she writes poetry, short fiction, and novels, she enjoys writing blog posts here about mental health, the writing craft, her personal life, and more. She loves discussion on these topics, so leave a comment and start a conversation!

2021, Part 9: September

What a busy month. My primary work with Studiosity usually picks up this month, and this year, that was no exception. I’ve been spending lots of time at the computer doing work and playing games, and I’m looking forward to the autumn weather now. And now, it’s nearly mid-October and the post is only going […]

2021, Part 8: August

This month felt like a rollercoaster that was also productive. I’ve discovered a new author I like, and I’m glad that summer is coming to its close.

2021, Part 7: July

While in June, I teetered close to a hypomanic episode, July thankfully had me coming down to something more normal. I’ve been inspired lately, since I’m reading a good book now and I’ve been browsing pixel art on Pinterest a lot. A small spark popped sometime in July, and I think August will be a good time to fan it to something more productive in terms of making art, or writing, or starting a new creative project.

2021, Part Six: June

As much as I hate to admit it, I was slipping into a hypomanic episode in June. I ramble on here and talk a bit about bipolar disorder.

2021, Part Five: May

May feels like a turning point for the year and I’m looking forward to a lot this summer. I wrote a few small reviews for some books this month too, as well as decided to complete Breath of the Wild… Including the 900 Korok seeds.

2021, Part Four: April

While I didn’t have many events going on, my mental illness flared up. I was on the edge and needed to stop, sit down with myself, and make sure I knew how to be okay from now on. Some content in this post openly discusses mental illness experiences, and so trigger warnings are included in that section.