Hello! Coryl creates chaos and burnout

Website is down temporarily

My website is currently down due a mixture of my bipolar acting up and moving webhosts in November/December in a very amateur way. I anticipate the return of the blog in all its former glory, with some archive goodies, in January 2022 because... Well, I need to prioritize certain things.

Lately I've been on Twitter again, in case you want to see some recent thoughts. However, I don't know if I'll remain on Twitter because, y'know, I made a big deal about quitting.

To be frank, I'm burning out. The pandemic is wearing me down little by little. I haven't had a proper rest from working since 2019, and even since then, the stress has not stopped. December often brings the urge to become a hermit and play video games for days on end, and this time around, I don't think that urge is from procrastination. Instead, I think it's a deep desire for relaxation and vacation. Something in me needs to rest.

But I must continue to work and even though I appreciate my job and team, it takes a lot of energy to maintain basic self-care (sleep, eat, bathe, exercise) alongside a job while my bipolar disorder flares up. I wouldn't call this a full-blown depressive episode (anymore, because I definitely had one in October), but I don't quite feel like I'm at optimal functioning. Like I'm halfway to the mountain campsite where I can take a load off and sleep. I am very worn down and tired.

I hope to be blogging again soon!

Sleep after toil, port after stormy seas
Ease after war, death after life
does greatly please.

—Edmund Spenser