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Quitting Social Media for Good

I have tried to find balance with my social media use, but I admit defeat, even with the improvements to using social media less from the tactics I introduced at the start of the year. I am quitting (most) social media with the intent to step away for good down the line.

2021, Part 9: September

What a busy month. My primary work with Studiosity usually picks up this month, and this year, that was no exception. I’ve been spending lots of time at the computer doing work and playing games, and I’m looking forward to the autumn weather now. And now, it’s nearly mid-October and the post is only going […]
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2021, Part 8: August

This month felt like a rollercoaster that was also productive. I've discovered a new author I like, and I'm glad that summer is coming to its close.
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2021, Part 7: July

While in June, I teetered close to a hypomanic episode, July thankfully had me coming down to something more normal. I've been inspired lately, since I'm reading a good book now and I've been browsing pixel art on Pinterest a lot. A small spark popped sometime in July, and I think August will be a good time to fan it to something more productive in terms of making art, or writing, or starting a new creative project.
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2021, Part Six: June

As much as I hate to admit it, I was slipping into a hypomanic episode in June. I ramble on here and talk a bit about bipolar disorder.
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2021, Part Five: May

May feels like a turning point for the year and I'm looking forward to a lot this summer. I wrote a few small reviews for some books this month too, as well as decided to complete Breath of the Wild... Including the 900 Korok seeds.
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2021, Part Four: April

While I didn't have many events going on, my mental illness flared up. I was on the edge and needed to stop, sit down with myself, and make sure I knew how to be okay from now on. Some content in this post openly discusses mental illness experiences, and so trigger warnings are included in that section.
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2021, Part Three: March

We've got a sort wrap-up for March 2021. The rain dominated and I felt just as scattered as the precipitation.
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2021, Part Two: February

At some point this final week, I forgot February had only 28 days. Was I here for this month? In a way, yes. Was I present? ...Nope. But let's get back to reality and look at books, music, games, mental health, accomplishments, highlights, and plans from February 2021!
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I Got Promoted While Feeling Like a Failure from Burnout

After overworking myself in 2020, feeling like a failure when I crashed from my burnout at the end of the year, I earned a promotion and have found a renewed sense of hesitant motivation, despite still feeling like a failure.
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