Coryl offers various services for editing, designing, and transcription. She uses industry standard software and methods to deliver quality work. (Hello, Adobe Creative Suite…) However, she is also flexible to experiment with each project and the client’s creative vision!

Who is best suited for these editing, designing, and transcribing services?

  • self-publishing writers
  • YouTuber creators
  • podcast producers

Let’s get collaborating.

My multidisciplinary background comes from my time studying languages, working with authors (fiction and non-fiction), and making art. I love watching a book come into creation—and I know it can take many paths and people to get there.

My goals as your editor, or designer, or transcriber?

  • Be honest.
  • Make the whole process easy, understandable, and accessible.
  • Give the best feedback, designs, artwork, and writing possible.

For some “fine print” details, in legible font and size, please scroll down. Otherwise, explore the services below for how I might be able to help you with your next project.


Editing — Unavailable until further notice.
Designing — Unavailable until further notice.
Transcribing — Unavailable until further notice.
updated 27 October 2022

Stay safe during the pandemic. I am prioritizing my health and prior work, and I will not be available for projects with new clients.

Don’t forget: you can request a free sample edit (up to 5 pages)!

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Design & Formatting


Terms & Policy

  • Services are delivered digitally.
  • Services are only available in English.
    • Limited French and Spanish options may be available, depending on project and client.
  • Services begin with a plain English contract to outline terms, rendered services, payment, and timeline.
  • Prices in Canadian dollars for Canadian clients, and United States dollars for American clients.
  • Coryl reserves the right to refuse projects for any undisclosed reason.
  • Coryl is an equal opportunity creative.
    • She strives to provide accessible services to people regardless of gender, sex, race, ethnic background, criminal background, socioeconomic class, religious belief, disability, orientation; and/or other minority or disadvantaged experiences.
    • Prices are negotiable, particularly for disadvantaged people, without the need for “proof” or specific disclosure.
    • Feedback, suggestions, and critique on her accessibility are welcome!
  • Coryl does not offer pro bono or free work, unless she approaches the client with this type of work.
  • Coryl reserves the right to update the public terms and policy without disclosure or notice.

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