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Photo by Nick Dodge Brown wooden pathway under an overcast sky in a slightly barren season with brown grass and leafless trees.

2021, Part Three: March

March. Oh, March. What a month in this climate. One day will be nearing peak spring temperatures and sunshine, while the next will bring snow and heavy rain. This year, the rain dominated. My cat spent lots of time snoozing by the windows with overcast skies, or pawing at the glass to be taken outside in the sunshine.

We’ve got a short wrap-up this month. Frankly, I didn’t get up to much.

📚 | Books I Read

I’ve slowly been making my way through Dracula. I had a manuscript to edit this month, so I spent less time reading for leisure, and that’s okay.

🎶 | Music I Enjoyed

Lately, I’ve been focusing with video game music again while I work. Final Fantasy X’s soundtrack is quite enjoyable and helps me pace my work.

🎮 | Games I Played

I played a few games here and there: Portal, Spyro, some co-op games. There wasn’t as much gaming this month, which made me a bit sad, so hopefully I can boot up Sims 4 and do more Portal when April comes.

🧠 | Mental Health Check-in:

I’m being more mindful and the fact that I’m trying is good enough for me. My basic necessities were addressed more frequently, so that’s good. Even if it’s the bare minimum. The absolute bottom tier of human maintenance. I’m doing it and that’s better than not doing it.


I really want this to be a better rating. It’s leaning more toward two stars, two and a half, rather than three, but I’m pushing optimism. I started going on a few more walks to help with my physical and mental health, but the unpredictable weather made consistency a bit difficult.

🏆 | March Accomplishments & Highlights

I edited another wonderful manuscript this month and spent lots of time getting used to my new role after the promotion. In my last monthly wrap-up, I decided not to set any goals for March. I’m glad I did that, because I coasted through most of the month and just took each day as it came.

📋 | April Plans

  • work – it gets busy this time of year
  • video games – specifically Portal 1 for the achievements, Portal 2 play-through, Calico again, and Moss VR for a first-time playthrough
  • books – finish Dracula and see what YA e-books are available with Libby!
  • get back into bullet journalling

I think the start of the year was optimistic with how I would use my 2021 planner, and I’ve found myself itching to bullet journal again instead. It was a creative outlet for so many years and then I sort of gave it up when I moved to Ottawa. I haven’t made the time to sit down and really get into my planning at all this year, aside from revamping printables I made in 2020 that I also did not use.

  • more consistent exercise – good for my physical health, but I’m focusing on the mental health benefits the most
  • delete social media?? I think?? – especially Twitter

I don’t want to be too hopeful for April, just in case it ends up flopping like February did, but the sun is rising over the horizon: bright and early.

Did the Ides of March get to you too? 👋🏻

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